Vabasandra lake



Vabasandra Lake is located near Bommasandra and it is a 9-acre water body.

What work was done to restore

After the impact of the kyalasanahalli lake, the people of vabasandra village urged Anand to rejuvenate their own lake.

The vabasandra lake hardly had any water holding capacity it was completely filled with silt and the main bund was leaking out with water. This lake has also been rejuvenated in a record time of 50 days. The specialty of the rejuvenation process employed here is that, the existing water was not released during the process. Its one of its kind experiment, which has not been done before.

This lake is designed deep reservoir lake, which has zonal differentiation according to the sun light. Each zone has different depths and only the clean and cultured water is allowed to penetrate the aquifers.

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