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Kyalasanahalli Lake is located near Anekal and it is a 36-acre water body.

What work was done to restore

We began the work on April 20, 2017, with a budget of Rs 1 crore and 17 lakh, provided by Sansera Foundation. We needed help and reached out to the nearby community with the help of a senior citizen, B Muthuraman (74). Together, we covered almost 400 houses to spread awareness. Eventually, people began to show up, and joined hands to work long hours to make this possible.

B Muthuraram, the ex-Vice Chairman of Tata Steel, had constructed a house just opposite the lake in 2009. But when he came to live there in 2014, the dry lake irked him to action. He approached Anand, who was already venturing into a project of rejuvenating the city’s lakes.

Without the help of any industry experts, architects or engineers, Anand, a mechanical engineer, along with fellow citizens, removed almost 4 lakh cubic meters of mud from the lake.

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If you are willing to volunteer for rejuvanting Kyalasanahalli Lake, please do contact us.

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