Kyalasanahalli Lake



Kyalasanahalli Lake is located near Anekal and it is a 36-acre water body.

What work was done to restore

This is a 36-acre water body, which was lying barren for more than 20 years with hardly any water. Nearly 12 acres of land was encroached upon by the surrounding communities. The inlets to this lake were completely blocked, therefore the lake hardly received any inputs.

The encroachers were convinced to give up on the encroached land, and the entire village was taken into confidence by approaching each and everyone in the village- nearly 400 families.

The lake was rejuvenated in a record time of 45 days. More than 4 lakh cubic meters of mud was desilted with very minimal equipment. Nearly 2 kms of the inlet canals were re-excavated to allow the rainwater to flow in.

more than 5000 volunteers have been part of the tree-planting drives to plant Miywaki as well as conventional forests.

By the support of nature, the lake was completely full within 10 days.

Now the lake has turned into, a natural ecological farmer-friendly lake that can cater to many surrounding villages. The lake is now home to more than 65 species of birds, 15 thousand trees in the form of 115 native species.

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