Konasandra Lake



Konasandra Lake is located near Kengeri and it is a 37-acre water body.

What work was done to restore

Called as the “Jigani Nexus” this notorious lake known to have killed cattle and animals due to the poisonous nature of the water. It was due to result of industrial and pharma effluents directly dumped into the lake. The KPCB had issued notices to many companies around the lake and there was a huge coverage on the media channels about the dangerous situation.

This lake now has turned into beautiful habitation with the persistent efforts of various stake holders. The unique nature of the lake is that, it is designed in such a way that the sewage and effluents are naturally treated by a Natural Sewage Treatment system designed within the lake. This lake can set an example for other lakes where do not need the artificial and expensive Sewage Treatment Plants

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