45 days for rejuvenating

Our aim is to rejuvenate at least 45 Lakes, Plant 45 Lakh Saplings and Train 4.5 Lakh Like-Minded Experts

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Misson 2025

Our aim is to rejuvenate at least 45 Lakes, Plant 45 Lakh Saplings and Train 4.5 Lakh Like-Minded Experts

December 31, 2025

Kyalasanahalli Lake


A Farmer friendly ecological lake. Rejuvenated in a record time of 45 days. Consists of nearly 20000 saplings, 5 Islands for birds, water holding capacity of nearly 23 feet. 36 acres in area.

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Vabasandra Lake


10 acres in area. a deep reservoir lake can hold large volumes of water. Rejuvenated in a record time without discharging the already available water.

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Konasandra Lake


Lake with Natural Sewage Treatment system. Famously called “Jigani Nexus”, this poisonous gel type Lake has been turned to clear water lake.

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Gavi Lake


The Gavi lake is a 4-acre step well reservoir lake. Each Step of the lake will accommodate, various species of aquatic plants such as submerged, semi-submerged, floating, emerging and boundary plants and so on. This lake will act as an aquatic garden when there is less water and when full will act as a Step-well reservoir with nearly 30 ft deep water

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https://i2.wp.com/www.savelakes.com/wp-content/themes/green/fw/images/icons/notifications.png?w=1170Campaign to revive a 4.5 acre lake in Bengaluru

We need help to revive a 4.5 acre lake located near Bannerghatta, Bengaluru. read the story and fund this campaign generously.

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If you are looking to learn hands on Organic Farming, we conduct regular weekend farming activities.

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